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Step1: Uploading reference genome or choose online resource

Select reference genome online:
Or, upload your own reference genome: Upload reference genome
Reference genome file (FASTA format)

Step2: Uploading contigs

  • Note that the contig level assembly should be phased .
Upload contigs file: Upload contigs
Contigs file (FASTA format)

Step3: Setting algorithm parameters

  • Hover the mouse over the parameter label to see detailed description.
  • You may input values outside the range directly in the input box, but may not receive satisfactory result.
Contigs shorter than INT (bp) will
be removed, default: 50000
Min Contigs Length:
The min alignment length to be
select (bp), default: 10000
Min Alignment Length:
The min alignment identity to be
select (%), default: 90
Min Alignment Identity:
Plot a colinearity graph between draft genome
and reference genome. (will cost more time)

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