Step1: Uploading genome

Upload genome: Upload genome
Genome file (FASTA format)

Step2: (Optional) Uploading TE annotaion file

  • This step is optional, but may achieve better result.
Upload TE annotation (Optional) Upload TE annotation
TE annotation file (GFF3 Format)

Step3: Setting Algorithm Parameters

  • Hover the mouse over the parameter label to see detailed description.
  • You may input values outside the range directly in the input box, but may not receive satisfactory result.
Period (monomer length) range to be
consider as centromere repeat
monomer. Default: 100~200

Max allowed gap size between two
tandem repeats to be considered
as in one tandem repeat region.
Default: 50000
Max Gap:
Min size of tandem repeat region
to be selected as candidate.
Default: 100000
Min Length:

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